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Tecnoway Hyperextension / Jewette Brace

Tecnoway Hyperextension / Jewette Brace

  • Product Description

    • Anticorodal alloy frame with padded supports and imitation leather lining.
    • Lateral jointed cushions as opposed to a chest cushion.
    • Articulated joint to adjust supports under the armpits.
    • Pelvic band with spring return and chance to be locked in any position.
    • Snap lock with belt adjustment.
    • Vertically and horizontally adjustable back pad.
  • General Information

    • Vertebral collapse, vertebral inflammation and dorsal lumbar arthritis, dorsal and/or lumbar arthritis, spondyloarthrosis associated or not with scoliosis.
    • With pectoral pads designed for patient unable to tolerate pressure on the sternum
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