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"Our story starts with the journey of our founder"

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"I've seen people with physical disabilities do

amazing things, so I thought there's no harm trying.

I had been run over by a truck -

I didn't think anything worse could happen to me."

The founder of the Prosthetic Company had a terrible accident years ago. He was run over by a truck twice and left to die for over six hours on a road about an hour's drive from the city of Bangkok.

What followed the six-hour torture was even more trauma - almost 15 months of surgery, treatment and rehabilitation in hospitals in Thailand and Singapore. His injuries were horrendous. He had a crushed right pelvis, fractured left leg and spine.

Doctors thought that he had no chance to walk again. However, he never gave up. He has been through a long and tough journey of rehabilitation.

He wishes to share his story with others to encourage, help and inspire hope in the physically challenged. With this, he is trying to tell them, "you are not alone" in this journey.

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