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Just a Straps for Better Steps

One of our patient, having an internal foot rotation gait impairment. We prescribed him with a Derotation Straps to improve his gait pattern by externally rotates the foot. He show better improvement with the straps on and advised to used the straps for rehabilitation purpose aside from muscle training.

Before fitted with derotation straps:

After fitted derotation straps:

Derotation Straps to Improve Gait Pattern in Internally/ Externally Foot Rotation Gait Deviation

Children at various ages may display intoeing for different reasons. There are few reasons a child walks with the toes pointed toward the midline:

1. "Twisted Thigh Bone” known as Femoral Anteversion

2. “Twisted Shin Bone” known as Internal Tibial Torsion

3. “Curved Foot” known as Metatarsus Adductus

When mild, intoeing may cause parental concern simply by the appearance, but in the extreme, it may cause functional impairment such as excessive tripping and falling.

A simple method to improve the gait pattern in children with internal foot rotation gait impairment, a Derotation Strap.



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