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"It maybe hard, but it worth it"

Mr. Tai Choo Sang, 58 years old with bilateral amputation, below knee amputation on right side and above knee amputation on left side, due to diabetic. He came to us for prosthesis prescription on the early of March 2020.

On 19th of May, Mr. Tai got his first prostheses and having gait training once every weekly. We also provided him with home visit physiotherapy and gait training session weekly. In the first training session, it might be difficult for him to don and doff the prostheses himself. He often complained pain on his right side prosthesis. But, after countless physiotherapy and gait training to strengthen his muscle, he began to adapt and get used to it. He managed to show improvement after 4 months use. With the helping of walking aid, he able to walk for 5-10 minutes.



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