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Loui's First Orthosis

"Its pawsible."
"Help them live happier life."

Loui in the process of once was an abandoned and stray dog. Her caretaker, Mdm. Bey adopted Loui when she saw she was badly injured on her right hand. Loui was found with her wrist contracture which cause her difficulty in walking.

Then, Mdm. Bey sent her to veterinary clinic (Klinik Dr. Ain) to make her first bracing. We collaborated with Klinik Dr. Ain working on this orthosis. We restored the use of her right hand with assistive device called 'Wrist Hand Orthosis (WHO)'.

On 19th November we casted and took measurement of Loui's hand. Then by the early of this month, we fitted the brace at Dr. Ain's clinic. Currently, she well adjusting to her new orthosis. For every twice a week we did a follow up with Dr. Ain regarding Loui's orthosis. Stay tuned for Loui's story update!

A big thanks also to Dr. Ain Clinic for this great collaboration. Hope we can do more collaboration in the future. We hoped this orthosis bring happiness to her and help her live better life in future.



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