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"It's Time to Turn Over a New Leaf" -A young boy shown better improvement with his "new outfit"

A 1 years old, young boy, Fakhri, diagnosed with infant idiopathic scoliosis with S curve body curvature. Having 52 degree cobb angle, convex on the right side of the body with prominent scapula on right side.

After assessment with Adam forward bending test, we noticed a right side hump in the back and unlevel shoulder. His parent came to HSI rehabilitation department for his first brace on 3rd of March 2020 and doctor referred his case to us. We took his measurement on the same day. A month appointment was made for follow up with him in the next clinic at HSI.

On 7th of April, he came for his first fitting at HSI. The brace fit him well and nicely. The next appointment was scheduled on the next month for his X-Ray with the brace in order to see how the brace help correcting the spine curvature.

On 5th of May 2020, he came follow up with the attendance of specialist doctor. An X-Ray of him wearing the brace was taken and showing that the brace help reducing the spine curvature and correcting spine alignment. The scoliosis brace reduced his cobb angle by 16 degree, from 52 degree to 36 degree.

The guardian was advised to wear him the brace 24 hours a day, except during bath. They also needed to inspect if there is any redness or blister on his body, and came to us for adjustment. The next follow up with Fakhri will be scheduled on the next 3 month to see his progression.

On 4th of January 2021, Fakhri now 2 years old, came for follow up at HSI clinic. Doctor advised his guardian to make him a new scoliosis brace since he has outgrown and the brace doesn't fit him anymore. A new measurement of his body was taken for his new customized scoliosis brace. The fabrication took 2 weeks period to be completed.

On 18th of January 2021, Fakhri came to our office for his fitting. The fitting was good and fit him nicely after a few adjustment and troubleshoot. We will follow up his progression on the next appointment at HSI clinic that will be held on 2nd of February.



STAY TUNED to see his progress with the brace.

We hoped the brace give him a turning point to get better and healthy!!



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