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Tibial Orthosis

Amirul, a 27 years old, having trauma accident 1 years ago caused him lost of calf muscle on his right leg. He undergoing skin grafting skin graft to replace the damage muscle on his lower leg. Due to the accident, his affected leg prone to injury due to thin skin layer. Even with a low impact hit will cause him bleeding on the impact area.

On 28 November 2020, he came for our advice and prescription. We prescribe him with a tibial orthosis to protect his affected leg from further injury. A bivalve tibial orthosis comes with posterior and anterior shell was made suit his diagnosis.

First fitting on 17th December, the tibial orthosis was well fitted on him. He felt comfortable and more secure wearing the orthosis. This orthosis mainly function as a protective cover for him to prevent from injury. We hoped he well adjusted with the orthosis and it will give him more security and protection.

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