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RevoLock Lanyard

With RevoLock, you can build user-friendly suspension into a socket.

In the process of fabricating a transfemoral socket for our patient in The Prosthetic Company, Singapore. We build in lanyard suspension system by Click Medical into the socket for easier suspension.

As the main distributer of Click Medical in Malaysia, we proudly presented to you our fabrication process in completing this device.


Currently our production team in Johor Bahru doing a good job in fabricating the socket. Although with the limited time given in order to complete the socket before sending them back to Singapore branch.

First lamination socket after attached lamination post on the cast

Roughen first laminated socket before attaching the lanyard component

Attachment of RevoLock component

Build up PU foam for socket adapter attachment and alignment

Second lamination socket

Assemble RevoLock component

Click Medical Trusted Partner Distributor

We Otto Prosthetic Centre proudly be one of the main distributor of Click Medical product and as the sole distributor in Malaysia. If any inquiries, do contact us or visit our store:

Otto Prosthetic Centre

30-01 Jalan Dataran Larkin 5,

Taman Dataran Larkin,

80350 Johor Bahru, Johor,


Tel: 010-9676138


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