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"One Step Closer ...."

Harvind A/L Eswaran, a 3 years old boy diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He having dystonia affected on both lower limb. He couldn't achieved plantigrade during knee extension and standing due to muscle tightness. Doctor prescribed him with high profile GRAFO to achieve 90 degree ankle and knee extension during standing.

One week before casting, doctor decided to put him on serial casting to maintain neutral position of ankle and knee for a week. On 6th of October 2020, we went to Sultan Ismail Hospital to take his leg measurement. His next appointment was scheduled one week after the cast measurement was taken.

On 3rd of November, Harvind came to our office for AFO fitting. He showed good improvement when wearing the AFO. He abled to stand straight with the assist of parallel bar. However, more training and physiotherapy needed to strengthen his spine muscle.

Now, Harvind showed better improvement and progress with the AFO. We hoped Harvind being able to walk like other people. "We wish you a good health and stay strong, positive because you are one step closer to your dream."

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