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Finger Prosthesis

Vasudevan A/L Vijayakumaran, 31 years old, having middle finger amputation on right side due to industrial accident. He had his finger amputated few month ago. He came to us complained distal end pain when holding something or accidently hit against something.

On 5th of January, Mr. Vasudevan came to our office for his first prosthesis. We prescribed him with a semi-customized finger prosthesis from Regal for protecting his distal end stump. We took his finger measurement using alginate impression method. Alginate is the most universally utilized impression material and commonly used in dentistry. One of the characteristic of alginate impression material are:

  • cost effective,

  • easy to mix,

  • adequate flow properties,

  • non‐toxic or irritating,

  • sufficient strength to avoid tearing material upon removal from the mouth, and

  • acceptable working and setting times.

The fabrication of this semi-custom finger prosthesis will took about 2-3 weeks. Stay tuned with Mr. Vasudevan's story receiving his first prosthesis.






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