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Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

— Kalairani, Diabetic Foot Ulcer

“The only way to getting ahead is getting started to change.”

Kalairani, one of our new patient diagnosed with diabetic foot ulcer on lateral of midfoot and callus on first head metatarsal. She was prescribed with offloading diabetic insole with Darco GentleStep shoes.

The GentleStep shoes is very beneficial and recommended for her as they made from a breathable material with wider toe box, which is very suitable for diabetic patient.

Within 4 working days, we completed the insole for her and fitted on 19th December. She was very happy with the insole as they give relief, comfort and offload the ulcer area.

During the fitting session, she felt a little bit uncomfortable with the insole since it is new for her wearing the insole. But after long period of use, she will get used and well adapted with the insole.



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