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Congenital Scoliosis in Paediatric

A 4 years old female, Zalikha with congenital scoliosis curvature at thoracic level of the spine. Having 33 degree cobb angle of the spine curvature. A customised scoliosis brace was prescribed to realign and correct the spine.

On 6th of October, we went to Sultan Ismail Hospital having ortho clinic for every once a month. Doctor referred us to make a customised scoliosis brace for her.

On 3rd of November, she came to our office for brace fitting. With the 3 point pressure applied, the brace helped in correcting and align the spine as neutral as possible. For first time user of the scoliosis brace, we advised her guardian to wear the brace for an hour long in the first day and increase another one hour for the next day until reaches day of 24th. After 24th day used, she need to use the brace 16 to 23 hour a day except for washing and bath.

The next appointment was scheduled for her in the next 4 month in order for her to do x-ray with the brace. This is because we need to see how much the brace help her in decreasing the spine curvature angle and to increase the pressure applied on the brace.

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