Tiny Feet

Does Your Child Shown Any of This Symptoms?


What is Clubfoot?

Clubfoot, also called talipes equinovarus is a complex condition with a planter flexed foot (equinus), adductus of the forefoot, and an inversion deformity of the heel (varus).


What cause clubfoot?

The cause are unclear, but the risks of being born with it are higher if:

  • male

  • mother smoked during pregnancy

  • someone else in family has clubfoot

  • spina bifida or other spinal cord injuries

Thin calf muscle

Forefoot adducted

Short foot

Heel rotated inward (varus) and in plantar flexion (equinus)

Entire foot inveryed and supinated


How to Treat CTEV/Clubfoot?

1. Casting

(Ponseti Method)


2. Bracing

(Foot Abduction Brace)

Ponseti Method for Clubfoot _ Clubfoot T