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Susulo - 'Paw'sitivity creates more 'paw'sibility that make it 'paw'sibble!

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Susulo, a 7 years old cat, suffered from radial nerve paralysis due to complete nerve damage and fracture of ulnar bone on her right hand after falling off from 10th floor of a building. She was unable to use the hand normally and often dragging the front paw on the ground. Besides, she also had undergone above knee amputation on her right leg due to the unfortunate event.

Susulo then went to see Dr. Ain's Clinic partner, Otto prosthetic Centre Johor Bahru. Cats don’t always make the best candidates for orthoses, however we make it 'paw'sibble for her since there are 'paw'sibilities for her to recover her normal function as much as she can. On 20th of May 2021, we came to Dr. Ain's Clinic for casting.

To reach Susulo’s goal of returning to normal function, she was fitted with a rigid custom paw orthosis. On 31st of May, we fitted her with the orthosis. On first fitting observation, Susulo was not used to the orthosis and often lift up her front leg instead of using it. After a few troubleshoot and training, she showed improvement and started to put trust on the orthosis. She slowly put weight on it and starts moving forward. She then could run around the clinic exploring what every other cats do, busy-bodying!

We could never be happier for her! Stay tune for her update and improvement after using the brace.

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